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ive decided to make a belf AU lune on wra because i figure if u can manage like 6 different versions of tev than i can manage 2 versions of lune

I think Lune would look very cute as a blood elf.

Sometimes I just use alternate versions of Tev when they’re plot appropriate.

For example Tevrugos helps out at the Azurewing Repose because Senegos owes him money and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let the old man die before he gets paid back. (He doesn’t collect afterwards tho.)

hey tev, in the class hall campaign, do the dks succeed in raising tirion? what happens? how does the campaign end?

Thankfully, no! We get like 9 seconds though the cast and Tirion rejects your offer of gainful employment and the ‘party’ you’re with (you and the other three horsemen) gets stunned. Darion (who apparently can trinket, unlike some people present in the room) freaks out, opens a death gate, and death grips you through it.

Everyone else makes it through, but Darion is re-dead again. The Lich King starts talking in your head again, and basically says “Yeah Darion is dead, but that’s no big because you’re all undead and we can just raise him again.” So you do, offering him his old job back, and Darion is just like “Well fuck, I should have seen this coming a mile away.” and takes his position, once again, as the head of the four horsemen. Kudos are had all around, and then everyone has a big party on the upper floor of Acherus.

You’re awarded an impractical looking weapon for your troubles.