Month: May 2021


My friends all idle in the bismarck fountain I have on my front lawn like it’s a hot tub and they love to tell me about how it offends their delicate sensibilities


*imp aggro noise*

Took Garrosh long enough to show up in this expac


Tev and Lance having a full anime sparring match, by @1221s


Different races make different Worgen?

Liadrin’s turn to lose my diceroll



“We chose the term “asexual” to describe ourselves because both “celibate” and “anti-sexual” have connotations we wished to avoid: the first implies that one has sacrificed sexuality for some higher good, the second that sexuality is degrading or somehow inherently bad. “Asexual”, as we use it, does not mean “without sex” but “relating sexually to no one”. This does not, of course, exclude masturbation but implies that if one has sexual feelings they do not require another person for their expression. Asexuality is, simply, self-contained sexuality.”

The Asexual Manifesto, Lisa Orlando and Barbara Getz, 1972

Note the date, people:

That’s 1972

29 years before AVEN was started online,

and 47 years before the present.

And that’s only the date that Manifesto was written, so asexuals as members of a community must have existed at least some time before that.

So, no: we are not just Tumblr trenders. Get out of here with that.