Month: April 2020


Tevrugos for @tevruden on twitter <33

Just realized that in the holiday madness I forgot to post him here.




I have been waiting all year to post this.


this has also been queued for like two years

Aaand three years




Human: Deal.

Fey: Very well. When you return home tonight, your mother will be in pristine health again. It will be like she never fell ill at all. Even the memory of her suffering will fade…

Human: Thank you so much. She means everything to me.

Fey: I know, I know. Let’s hope the price wasn’t too much for you after all… Only time will tell.

Human: So, when do we start?

Fey: …If I may ask you to elaborate?

Human: You said you wanted my firstborn.

Fey: Yes? And you agreed?

Human: Yeah, so, when do we start?


Fey, blushing: Ah.

So good. It deserved a some art.

Well, my day is made.


they got the nuggies afterwards [ x ] @totallycorrectffxivquotes



Classic animators doing reference poses for their own drawings. I’m in love with these images.

Part of the reason animators like to work alone, late at night when no one is watching.


Lich-Loved’s 2000 Followers Giveaway!

To thank y’all for your support, I wanted to do a giveaway!

I’ll use a random number generator to select a first and second place winner!
First Place: A Full Body (Head to Toe) Illustration
Second Place: A Bust (Head to Shoulders) Illustration

To Enter:
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Giveaway ends May 1st! 

Thank you for supporting my work over the years! You rock!


unfortunately, i subbed back into WoW in anticipation for Shadowlands a couple of weekends ago, and made a new oc instead of drudging through BfA content

Persera “Percy” the Weaver, green dragon and big sleepy bastard. they can shapeshift their humanoid form and identify somewhere around bi-gender. they’re on NA WrA!


I love the new look I’ve given my DK for Shadowlands. I hope to get a chance to roleplay with her again *___*


Tevrugos commission for @tevruden


gross nasty elf prince.