Month: January 2020


finished commission for @tevruden


finished commission for @tevruden


all this talk of DK’s of all races had me thinkin….

‘what would eres look like if he was a dk’


different DH things from the last week
1st one is kinda dedicated to the Marius/Tehd ship and Illidan being good supportive dad. But also suspicious

because of his own experience xD
2nd one is based on the sudden dream I had, and there was random Broken/DH ship
3rd is my char was drawn in the pub, the text says “I sacrificed all my money for beer…”


hey hi i designed this armor and then. dont want to use it! so uh

if anyone’s interested i’m happy to sell the design for 30 USD! It was initially for D&D, but could probably work for a death knight from WoW tbh.

just message me if you’re interested!


It only took them trying to kill one another to fall in love <3


Commission recently completed @tevruden! My beautiful wife helped me with finishing the rendering, and all in all I think this is a beautiful picture to start of 2020 with! 😉


wanted to draw him being smug


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And here it is, folks! A patriot quel’dorei!


u  know he had to do it to em