Month: June 2023



what smoking two packs a day does to a mf

This was very much a reference to the German localization casting the raspiest, evil sounding old man for him. But I’m happy that eng dub folks can relate too~





Do your part – use literally anything other than Google Chrome

Reminder that switching to Firefox is incredibly easy and takes just a few minutes, you WILL be able to copy over all your cookies, browsing history, logins etc, as well as change the look/layout so it feels like what you’re used to.


Bad: Human/monster romance where the monster turns into a human at the end.

Better: Human/monster romance where the human turns into a monster at the end.

Best: Human/monster romance where nobody turns into anything at the end, yet it’s made 100% clear that yes, these two are fucking, leaving the audience with several pressing questions.