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I will be taking on long-term commissions, any and all content; for
the foreseeable future. All commissions will be finished quickly,
depending on
complexity and workload. I will keep in constant contact with you,
providing WIPS of
my work and requesting feedback.

If you’re fine with paying up front, it will help me get to my hometown where my parents live. I just need funds to help … stabilize my situation. Due to not having a job where I’m moving, this will be my income for the time being.

As much as I don’t want to go back to Iowa, I cannot financially survive here in Oregon. If I cannot get the funds I need, I will have to butcher my computer (take out the hard drives) and sell everything I can’t travel with to a pawn shop and just get a train ticket. :C

To discuss commissions, email me at!

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Everyone who grabs art from s-intent will get entered into a draw for a free FULL BODY art by me~ Help my bud out!

Edit: ‘grabs art’ means actually buying some!  He needs more bites to get safely home again with kitty and gecko!

I don’t like to beg, but my time is running out here and I’m going to be short what I need for my bus+train ticket, even with scrapping my pc and selling parts. I need that to get to a stable place. My parents can’t help me in any financial way.

I will offer full body, full paintings for much cheaper if I have to. I will offer a custom painting canvas for 150.

I need the money before hand to contribute to the cost of the ticket. I have only gotten a single, partial bite so far.

@littleliongod is even setting up a raffle of art to those who help. Please.

Still have many slots left.






I cant wait for this awkward family reunion.



co-worker relations are going great



happy friday! watch out for flanking genjicats >.>


Things they don’t tell you about being a first time wheelchair user in highschool


Literally everyone will ask if you broke your leg(s). Everyone. Even people you don’t know. Theyll ask a lot and think you’re extremely fragile.

bruises show up within the first day of rolling around, and they can really suck

people will try to grab your chair if they think you’re struggling and it can be hard not to snap at them for it

static electricity is a huge issue. You will probably either continuously shock your leg when you’re rolling around or do what I did today and zap someone so hard as you pass that both of you nearly keel over

people will call you out as a faker if you do anything even remotely fun ever on your wheelchair. Wheelies? Obviously your legs are fine lol not like you have to go down fucking curbs /s

puddles are the worst and if there’s a curb with a puddle all around and you have some ability to walk its a better idea to just stand up and navigate the chair than to fall backwards into said puddle

weird looks from people are inevitable, especially from people who don’t like you

bus drivers will often push your chair and give you advise you don’t want to hear, even if you tell them nicely you can push yourself. Its really hard not to get mad at them for it

no wheelies in school. Though if you do it in the elevator when no one else is with you you can’t really get caught.

speaking of wheelies, always be ready to throw at least one arm behind you in case you fall. They say tuck your chin in but its easier and more reliable to throw your hands back and keep your neck up so you don’t hit the floor. Sore arms are way easier to put up with than head injuries

don’t even bother to try and roll back up curbs. You will either be there for an hour or fall backwards. I managed to do both.

90% of classrooms that aren’t special ed are not very wheelchair accessible.

people will automatically assume you’re faking something if you’re not considered dumb enough in their standards to fit in with disabled students (aka high class ableism at its finest)

people are going to give you weird looks if you don’t suddenly start sitting with the other disabled kids

standard backpacks usually dangle way too much to keep on you easily, so try to pack light

built in storage on wheelchairs cannot sufficiently carry books

don’t try to hold an umbrella. Period. Especially not with your teeth. It doesn’t work.

don’t try to give the bus driver your ticket while you’re stuck on the ramp. And speaking of, its easy to start falling down the bus ramp so be careful, and when in doubt throw on the breaks

and finally if you’re like me pray to god you don’t go nonverbal when someone is trying to push you and you don’t want them to because it is hard to get them to stop if you can’t speak

able-bodied people can and should 1000% reblog this, some of these things I’ve seen on tips about using a wheelchair but a lot of these weren’t things I’ve seen






what if???



Status: OPEN

Prices above are for a single character. Extra characters (that somehow interact with the first one) add +50% of the price. Additional background elements (like simple background, furniture, trees, etc) start from 10$, and the price depends on complexity.

I don’t draw nsfw stuff.

To get a slot send me a mail at or poke me on stream (if it is live). If you think that your letter was missed, send me a message via tumblr IM.

You can also support me and my crazy doodles here: Patreon and Buy me a Coffee!

Thank you! ~♥



Indie vs Alourigos courtesy of the TALENTED @flere-salix

These two hate each other for real