Month: January 2015

pujface: Surprise hugs for a nerd


Surprise hugs for a nerd


Memo to self: politely suggest group put TC and/or RBG lead as priority speaker in mumble tonight.

Last week was so chill I do not want this week to be stupid lol.

As a friendly reminder:




You don’t get to be a transphobic piece of shit and come back into my life without a fucking apology. 

Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

Glad to hear the trash is where it belongs. 

When you say shit like:

The T in LBGT needs to be removed. Ugh those Tr*nnies

Then come at me like this:

[10:33:02 AM] Person: poop noodle
[10:33:17 AM] Person: what realm are you on again>
[10:33:21 AM] Person: ?*
[10:38:44 AM] Aspect of Fruitcake: I hope that by you asking you plan on finding me in game somehow and apologizing for the shit you said previously.
[10:39:56 AM] Personr: What shit exactly, because I spew a lot of it
[10:40:14 AM] Aspect of Fruitcake: The incredibly transphobic remarks you made a while back.
[10:40:43 AM] Person: Ah no, I won’t be apologizing for any of that.
[10:41:04 AM] Aspect of Fruitcake: Oh well.

Yeah. Trash gets taken out or in this case, sees its way outside.

Wow that is shitty