Month: November 2015


When I got a cat, I assumed he’d hate me, hang out in Tev’s room all day (when the door is open) and only need me to feed him and change his litter.


And despite all the bitching I do about my slightly angry old man cat (SURPRISE, HE’S 10, NOT 7), he’s been the best therapy I can think of. Having something that needs you, loves you unconditionally and runs to the door when you get home to greet you is something I truly needed.

He’s practically my shadow and despite his annoying behaviors, he is the first thing to greet me in the morning and usually the last thing I see at night.

I love my fuzzy shithead.

Just going to add this:




Hey tumblr, look at these books right here,

you take a good look? good. 

these books were both about how a society made to cater to people in terms of censoring “offensive” material became that of a dictatorship. 

you were meant to read these and be warned of the consequences, not use them as instruction manuals.

Actually 451F° is about society abandoning the pursuit of learning for trivial things, Montag literally figured out that books were not censored but abandoned, and New Speak in 1984 is about changing words not because of offence, but to serve the political purposes of a powerful majority (not for the protection of marginalized people or minorities). If you really want to get into that, how about looking into how words like “socialism,” “democracy,” and “liberty” have been altered in US political discussion to fit the ruling class.

Fucking actually read the books before talking about them, jfc.

This drives me crazy about the South-Park-and-Family-Guy “I hate everybody equally” straight white guys. They compare anything that resembles treating minorities with respect to 1984, without ever realizing 1984 was about forcing everyone to conform to mainstream ideals of decency and wiping out things like homosexuality, and that Fahrenheit 451 was about becoming complacent with mainstream society and having your preconceptions catered to at every turn, and abandoning or mocking the idea of learning new things or embracing different cultures and points of view.

But then these days I honestly don’t actually expect geek boys to actually read the scifi they mock girls for not understanding.

Haha did they really censor the cover of 1984?




My ability to handle bullshit this week is at an all time low. I have been having the worst dreams lately and my cat is keeping me up (trying to fix that) so my desire to be a (mostly) decent human being is extremely low.

THE ONLY THING I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IS GOING TO @a-kelping-hand‘s wedding this weekend.

*whispers quietly across the apartment* kick him out and close the door

He’s going to howl outside of the door until I open it. He does the same thing when I close the bathroom door to pee.

Clingy little shit.

He just does that.

He’s doing it right now, for no reason.

hornedfreak: Need more teeth


Need more teeth

spacewatching: The Atlas-Centaur 10, carrying the Surveyor 1 spacecraft, lifting off from Pad 36A. The Surveyor 1 mission scouted the lunar surface for future Apollo manned lunar landing sites.


Atlas-Centaur 10, carrying the Surveyor 1 spacecraft, lifting off from
Pad 36A. The Surveyor 1 mission scouted the lunar surface for future
Apollo manned lunar landing sites.




By the way, a cautionary tale

If you find a bunch of bones that are A: untouched and B: supernaturally clean, there is definitely a reason for both of those things. Sometimes that reason is ants. Sometimes those ants are fire ants. Sometimes those fire ants have made a nest over the entire three meter area around those bones

Sounds like someone had an adventure with fire ants

OP has my deepest sympathy. I’ve been there. 

Is anybody ok with my muse mentioning your muse in a thread they have with somebody else?



       this is a pretty big issue for me actually. 

        and not just because it’s really amazing to see what other muses
        say, think and feel about your muse when they’re not around but
        because I WANT SOME CONTINUITY. i am trying to create a 
        continuity for my character where everything that isn’t an AU 
        has feelings and actions making sense depending on a timeline
        and people they know and love. actions have consequences. 
        relationships and events change people. 

        roleplay without that is… well, repetitive… & not very fulfilling to me.