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I am opening up for ONE armor design commission, this will be far different than any IA. I will send you the process, step by step, as I am going through it to ensure that the armor you want designed will turn out perfectly. You have full control over this one and you will be able to make any/all changes to the design up until the inking stage.

For the discounted price of $50 you will receive a front and back shot of the armor plus TWO headshots a front and side profile of your character with their helm on/off. That part is optional. This will be set up like a ref sheet. Normally I would charge much more for this but I do not have any up-to-date examples. Plus you will receive one free full-body sketch of your character before we get started.

Anthro/Feral/Humanoid/Robot all ok.

This armor will be unique, before noting me I ask that you understand english enough to convey what you are looking for in a design. You can provide examples of existing armor if you want something inspired from that or you can choose mythical creatures- its honestly up to you. This commission will take priority over IAs, however that does not mean that it will be completed faster.

This will take time but you will receive many MANY updates and the start date will be the day after I come back from AC to ensure that I have much more time devoted to your piece.

Again you will receive: A front AND back shot of your character in their armor plus two headshots with or without a helm/crown/whatever you want on there.

If the demand is enough I may take a second, however no more than that. When those slots fill I will not be offering this again for awhile just due to the amount of time it will take.

If interested send an email to

Examples of my art with armor: (All SFW don’t worry)

Regular IA Prices:
$10.00 for 1 Char
$13.50 for 2 Char
+$10.00 for armor per char

Current Commission Queue:

Bennich- Armor Commission
Zeke- 1 Char IA
Nirra- 1 Char IA
Lunarwolfrose- 2 Char IA/Unsure
Taw- Discussed/Unsure

baenling: itsalburton: baenling: I have found my Vol’mar AFK spot. Wagon Rides: They’re better than HOOF-ing it CARRY ME TO VICTORY




I have found my Vol’mar AFK spot.

Wagon Rides: They’re better than HOOF-ing it





2015: Man-on-man marriage
2017: Man-on-child marriage
2019: Man-on-dog marriage
2021: Man-on-car marriage
2023: Hopefully the world ends by then tbh

Two consenting adults, be they man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, or any other combination not specified by the above, are now granted the right (as they always should have had) to enter a legally binding contract and obtain all its attached benefits.

Children cannot give consent. Children cannot legally sign contracts. Children cannot get married.

Animals cannot give consent. Animals cannot legally sign contracts. Animals cannot get married.

Optimus Prime is a sentient being and leader of the entire Autobot race and I don’t think you have any place telling him who his people can and cannot marry. If he is okay with Rewind and Chromedome or Astoria and Powerglide then you need to step off.


Snape: What would three young Gryffindors such as yourselves be doing inside… on a day like this?
Hermione: Uh… Well… We… We were just…
Snape: You ought to be careful. People will think you’re…