Month: August 2023



Once a proud and fearsome red dragon, he was stripped of his power and his wings and made to “do good”, while sealed within a small, plushie body… thankfully, he can summon a vestige of his former glory! …even if it’s very restricted…

He’s an angry little guy, prone to ranting when he feels disrespected, but he’s ultimately harmless. He also can’t bring himself to admit that he’s kinda enjoying being such a little guy people like to pick up and hold. While he still has evil draconic tendencies, the vessel is enchanted to make him follow the Code of Conduct, meaning he can’t act on his impulses.

In PF2e, Aurumvorax is a toy poppet summoner, whose dragon eidolon is himself!

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To the Wolf, god gave ripping teeth, and the Law of the Pack.

To the Bear, god gave crushing jaws, and terrible strength

To the Falcon, god gave slicing talons, and great sight

And to the Shrimp, god gave the concussive plasma cannon.


My most recent comic with Dory that I made in spring this year! 🍂 I experimented on this a lot and really loved how it turned out!
Ginger boy’s name is Maple 🍁 He is a good fellow, just a little saucy




In the future, children will think our ways are strange. “Why do old people always grow so much milkweed in their gardens?” they’ll say. “Why do old people always write down when the first bees and butterflies show up? Why do old people hate lawn grass so much? Why do old people like to sit outside and watch bees?”

We will try to explain to them that when we were young, most people’s yards were almost entirely short grass with barely any flowers at all, and it was so commonplace to spray poisons to kill insects and weeds that it was feared monarch butterflies and American bumblebees would soon go extinct. We will show them pictures of sidewalks, shops, and houses surrounded by empty grass without any flowers or vegetables and they will stare at them like we stared at pictures of grimy children working in coal mines

We will be feeding our grandchildren strawberries and raspberries we grew in our gardens, dragging them along to the farmers’ markets for tomatoes and eggs and goats milk and pickles and pecans and salsa and sunflower seed butter and jars of honey, as they complain and drag their feet because Gramma always stands around talking to people for like an HOUR

and we will say “When I was YOUR age, fruits and vegetables came from a supermarket and they were bred to get shipped 1000 miles in a truck and sit on shelves for weeks, and they tasted so sour and watery it was like eating paper compared to these ones. It wasn’t even legal in some places to grow your own food”

and they will roll their eyes like yeah yeah just because everything was miserable in the 20s doesn’t mean I have to have a smile on my face standing in the hot sun while you listen to that one guy talk about his bees FOREVER

But they will go, because there might be baby goats.

Since I made this post, dozens and dozens of people have left tags telling me that it was the first thing today that made them want to continue living, that it was the first thing that made them consider that they might be okay years in the future, that they might grow old, that it was the first and only post of its kind they’d ever seen—the first post that boldly predicts a future where we make it.

And many other people have been just spitting, foaming at the mouth fucking FURIOUS. How dare I have the audacity to imagine a future where things get better?

Don’t I know how BAD things are? Am I not aware of the TERROR and DEVASTATION of climate change and fascism and biodiversity loss? How dare someone be so bold, so callous, as to imagine something other than misery and suicide. How dare someone suggest it will get better. How dare a person propose that there is a future where we will be okay, in the face of so much terror. Hasn’t she seen the abyss opening its jaws before us?

Well? What do you think?

Do you think I’ve seen the abyss?