Month: April 2015


Conservatives: There are queer undertones in Steven Universe!

Steven Universe Writers: You’re right, we’re gonna fix that!

Steven Universe Writers: *makes queer tones explicit*

“Moon over Archerus” it is. It follows the awakening of the Quel’dori Sillarian as a death knight, and his assignment to his superior, Commander Folarierus. During an assignment, the Commander requires Sillarian to go above and beyond his duty…


People would walk into Ro’s apartment and see the collection of novels written by Rifen Stridelight. Though there would always be one on the end table next to his bed titled “Moon over Acherus”, and just one look at it – one could tell by it’s worn spine and edges that it’s been read over almost obsessively

Can’t imagine who Ro would picture in the position of Knight and Commander….


you can’t read a few text posts on tumblr and reblog a couple pictures of black lives matters and think you’re not racist. racism is a deeply engrained part of our culture – sometimes it’s not even conscious. you have to constantly question yourself. it’s pretty hard to unlearn 400+ years of institutional racism and in order for us to properly
dismantle systems of injustice, we have to stop pretending we all aren’t part of the problem.

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How do white people do shit like this?