Month: May 2024


Does anyone know how to move photos from the Photos app to Files in iOS? I cannot find a way to do this directly on the iPad nor in iCloud


  1. is it possible to open/import images from photos in CSP? how?
  2. is it possible to change the download location for discord on iOS?

You can “export to unmodified original” or “Save to Files” into the Files app. Not sure if you can just export and delete in a single go.

CSP has “Create new from photo library” which will let you open any photo it has access to:


art of my character, Prince Laigus. Part of a personal project I’ve been working on, titled Beast Soul Warriors.

he can transform into a big lion-warrior.


Quadruped type werewolf/shape shifter that can’t speak when in wolf form because they don’t have human vocal chords but they CAN speak like when people teach their dogs to “talk”

Huge supernatural wolf with glowing eyes steps out of the treeline, stares you down and goes:


You ever come up with an idea that haunts you deeply?

This guy popped into my head about a week ago and I’ve been drawing him every day since. He’s an auditor for a limbo universe that I’m developing and he does not have full control over all of those extra handses. Some of them are helpful but some of em are real fuckers so be careful which one you shake.

Side note: It’s both scary and liberating to find myself drawing outside of a fandom. Please be nice to me.


Now that he can’t hide it anymore, it only seems to be spreading more.

I wanted to a version of this where he’s mostly scaled up, and oh no I love it.