Month: April 2023



dont u hate it when its nine in the afternoon but ur eyes are just normal sized

I’ve seen this post three times on my dash and i still cant fucking figure out what it means is it like some secret code. are 22,000+ of you in a secret society????? what the fuck is going on?????





yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao

The wink isn’t even really ooc I think he would totally do that

I can’t believe Data violated the temporal directive just to buy Destiny 2

Pretty sure you ran into Lore and not Data.


This is the commission i mentioned earlier it’s absolute baller, for Jacq!
OFC the extra one is on P*tr*on 👀✨


Here’s Chapter 1~

I haven’t quite decided when to start chapter 2 on here, but it’ll likely be 2-3 weeks between updates, depending on how many pages they’ll be. Future chapters will be posted in multiple smaller chunks though!


mother fuckin’ themberchaud