Month: May 2023


*casually drops dumb meme here after 2 months of not posting anything*


Hi hello I made a dragon and I’m love her.

Meet Zielona! 😀 She’s a green dragon actually but she can take on a dracthyr-shaped form. She was critically wounded while aiding the Night Fae back during SL and the only healing she could get during the emergency was a big dose of anima, hence her glowing horns and hair.

In her free time she breeds ornamental lashers! Prettier colours, fancy petals, thornless, gentler dispositions… sometimes ones that look like dogs a little bit 🤔

Her dragon form is a slightly color-changed Tangled Dreamweaver. I wasn’t up for drawing a whole-ass dragon just for that so I did a model edit, which is under the cut o/

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Tev’s a part-time quadruped but, he hasn’t quite mastered standing on hooves.

On the plus side: his concerns about riding horseback are solved!


Dwarf and knight centaur friends razz each other over hair growth issues. 🐎🌺







“Why don’t people recognize Link in TOTK” bc everyone imagines the legendary swordsman to be built like Ganondorf and Link doesn’t bother correcting anyone bc being hailed as a hero is like on the bottom of his priorities, which are topped by things like “Bake one of every pie”

Rando farmer: They say that once the noble hero of legend passed by this very village! Isn’t that wonderful to imagine, genderfluid stranger?

Link, 5’6" with 2" heels and wearing a backless dress suspiciously stained with blood: no yeah that’s wild

“Wouldn’t they recognize him bc he’s with Zelda” Everyone interacting with Zelda was like “Wow, the princess!! The princess who saved Hyrule is here, talking to us! Plus some guy with three sets of pronouns who’s building a bomb but more importantly The Princess!! Wow!!”

#zelda seemingly not having much gender fuckery abt her makes thrm funnier#thats zelda a pretty princess and her girlboyfriend pal soulmate across fates they/them/he/she/it guyALT

Zelda keeps coming across spare genders she doesn’t need and Link follows behind scooping them all up off the ground like a starving trash possum

Someone uses an unfamiliar pronoun around Zelda, and she hears the item pickup sound come from Link

Can’t apply a gender to a force of fucking nature, this Link.