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“Don’t fuck with spirits” they say.

“Don’t summon things,” they say. 

“Don’t play with ouija boards” they say. 

How is any hard-working necromancer supposed to get anything done around here?

Ghost Capitalism


So me and a few of my friends are on an exalted campaign. We reach a city where a large part of the outskirts is shadowlands (a place where the “underworld” and the “real world overlap”). Our necromancer decided to check the place out

DM: as you enter the shadowlands you notice that there is a large building with no windows and two big smokestacks.

Necro: I head towards the building

DM: you see as you get closer there is only one door

Necro: I go through the door

DM: as you enter you see many pale and sickly people working. There are conveyer belts, tool, and are generally hard at work. Your lore and background tell you that these are ghosts

Our demon summoner: Wait, so the people of this town die and then they’re sent to a factory to keep working?!?

DM: Yes

DS: So this is basically capitalist hell! There’s ghost capitalisim! What the hell you work all your life and then you die so you work some more?!?!?

DM: Well…(is cut off)

DS: WAIT! Can we inspire ghost communism?!? Can we rally the ghost workers to rise up and overthrow their ghost bourgeois masters?!?

TL;DR: Found an factory run by ghosts, our demon summoner tried to make ghost communism.