this is like a knot but for robot girls. do you understand

My only disagreement is that this is an analog connector. HDMI, for example, is a digital connector, transferring images uses ones and zeros.

VGA doesn’t do that, it instead has separate pins for each of red, green, and blue, where the intensity of that color is represented by an analog voltage value.

So it’s not digital. It’s not binary.

Thus this is, in fact, a knot for non-binary robots.

Wouldn’t DisplayPort also fit the bill since it’s got the teeth that lock it into place using only the insertion force (so no, ahem, secondary screwing action needed)

Yep! And also DisplayPort is interesting, gender wise. Although it’s fully binary, connectors have sexes.

Like, that VGA connector is male, because it has 15 pins that fit into the 15 holes of the female vga connector.

And DisplayPort… While that connector is called “male”, because it fits into a hole that’s the female DisplayPort connector, you’ll notice it has a big hole in the middle, where all the pins are.

And the other side, the “female” connector?

It has a part that sticks out, which mates with the hole in the “male” connector.

So the female connector has a male part, and the male connector has a female part.

The most sensible explanation? This connector is trans.