Alison addresses Ryybyn with utmost seriousness, “I know of a ritual that would allow me to see into your mind, experience your past, and possibly unlock repressed memories. It goes deeper than Detect Thoughts and I may be able to uncover information you don’t know you know. However… The ritual is an altered enchantment, modify memory.”

Ryybyn’s tears immediately turn to anger, “You’re not fucking serious!?”

Ryybyn unloads on Alison who tries and fails to get them to calm down. “In the middle of all this you want to go in and fuck with my head! After every-fucking-thing it’s just fine to charm people it’s not hurting them–”

“RYYBYN!” Alison shouts over them.

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Oh yes let’s suggest to use enchantments on the person who has been completely traumatised by them 🥲 Times are desperate