A good thread on Lashon Hara (“evil tongue”) and how it threatens vulnerable communities in particular

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This. So much this.

These reasons are the same ones that I cite when I talk about why I believe how harmful call out culture is.

An environment where any mistake is a total and unforgivable mistake is an environment that is not safe. And if give the choice, will consume the most vulnerable among us first. We fight that by refusing to create the foundation upon which it grows.

I guess I need to go study Lashon Hara now.

I was thinking about how I think about and deal with people who have fucked with me in the past and its cool to see theres an actual cultural reason I might think like this.

…wait, do you mean that small communities don’t actually have to be hellpits of backstabbing avarice where every relationship is transactional and no one is ever allowed to be more than their worst moment?

BRB, re-evaluating my entire childhood.

The tips are pretty far down-thread, but well worth reading.