Why did the idea that dragons in WoW hide that they’re dragons become the canon for RPers?

I’ve been playing this silly little game for a pretty long time now and all the dragons I meet are pretty open about it aside from like… 2-3 black dragons.

Most of em are like,

“Yo I’m koristrazagosera check out my hot elf body and come do this mundane task for me because I’m a dragon.”

And then transform and flap on away.

Idc one way or the other, I’m just curious.

I’m open about it on tumblr, but ICly in game? I hide it mostly. I was told by people I had to because people wouldn’t rp with me if they knew I was a dragon

Tldr: If someone won’t rp with your dragon on the basis of they are a dragon alone, they aren’t worth rping with anyways. Dragon rpers unite.

Also have you met my dragonsworn? He’s neat. He’ll rp with you.

I put a curse on my dragon so he was stuck as an elf. And kept his dragon self hidden so he wouldn’t be attacked while in a vulnerable state he could shift out of. I think originally it was about power dynamics. Dragons are op. Once upon a time it was seen as a way to force rp to go how you wanted to rp a dragon. ‘I breath fire on you and you die.’

Now we care about thinks like consent in rp. This, at least in the early days of wow on the servers I was on, didn’t seem to be a thing. ‘My character is stronger than yours there’s nothing you can do but accept what I emote at you’ was a legit thing that happened all the time and not at all seen as abuse like it is now. Dragons were the easy access for abuse players to hurt people.

People who wanted to play dragons, but recognized this played them as hiding. For a lot of plot reasons as well, but in vanilla rp, bc, wrath this was the ooc work around people built to make their characters and it …stuck? Arojnd a lot longer than necessary IMHO.

Saydon is out of the dragon closet mostly now. He’s not sporting horns atm, but then again he lives on an island with several dragonsworn raising abandoned whelps. He eats corn dogs whole, stick included.

Anyone wanna tell me I can’t play him can go hang out in the boring kids corner with my ignore list.

@curseddragon let’s be friends 🙂 my girl is a twilight! I have a lot of the stories on her tumblr of the how and why and tomorrow I’m posting her unbinding.

Okay but have you met my Dragonsworn? Not only will he RP with you, he will also validate all of you Demon RPers out there and do so phenomenally. I’ve been lucky in the sense of not really ever having to deal with much hate, in fact I just received it passively for the first time this expansion during a random walk-up while level questing in Bastion.

Did I care? No. I have many people who I enjoy speaking with who like Jack for who and what he is and if people don’t want to interact because I am a dragon? That is their decision and they are valid because that is their choice on how they want to spend their pretendy fun times. It only stops being valid when they tell me I can’t because of x reason.

For everyone wanting to play a dragon but worried about the backlash, do it anyway. Dragons toddle around out in the open in WoW all the time. If you want to play an openly flashy dragon? Do it. One who keeps things a secret? Do it. One who doesn’t realize they barely pass off as a mortal? Do it. Red? Black? Green? Bronze? Nether? Infinite? Proto? Celestial? Do it. You wanna play a Dragonsworn? Hell yeah, we’ll all take our sworn on walkies and let them meet up like a giant convention for lizard enthusiasts.

Do what you want, you pay the sub, it’s your time and effort and ignore anyone who gets in your way. If it’s a friend telling you they won’t hang out because you wanna be a dragon? I can promise you that’s not an actual friend.

Hell, Jack is very out in the open, he hangs out with a social entertainment group who all know and accept this but he also doesn’t flaunt it. If you know, you know, if you don’t, he doesn’t go out of his way to tell you. Not because he is trying to hide but because it’s not the only part of who he is. He sees no reason to flaunt it but he also doesn’t try and sneak around any conversation pertaining to it and it seems to work just fine. Because that is the challenge to me, the fun part of it.

So in essence….

Plays dragons, play Dragonsworn, hoard shinies, kidnap royalty to save them from their horrible fate, be reclusive, be inclusive, make it quirky, make it serious, make it FUN.

Just don’t do it in order to hurt others or godmod your way through something. That’s what gives dragon roleplay such a bad name. Do it for fun, not for harm.

finally some good fucking food

Play a dragon if you want to play a dragon, and don’t feel obligated to make them an incognito dragon if that’s not going to be fun for you. If playing a dragon in hiding is what you want to do, though, go nuts! It’s your sub! Do what you want! There are definitely people who will criticize you for “bad RP” if you play a dragon (especially if you play one who is openly a dragon) but, like, do you actually want to RP with people who police your fun? Most people are chill with it, and I respect people who don’t want to interact, but when they tell me I’m a bad roleplayer because of how I spent my time? Eh. I rarely run into dragon RPers who just want to godmod, anyways, though I know they’re out there. Dragons aren’t the only godmod race, anyways; plenty of people who play perfectly “normal” characters godmod. Most dragon roleplayers are here because, well…


Until recently, I thought I had to play a “hidden” dragon or no one who wasn’t my primary RP partner (special thanks to @othiriel-corvire​​​ for being perfect in every way, including this one) would want to RP with me. I actually have @jackarychaoti​​​ to thank for realizing that wasn’t the case, because I hadn’t actually seen someone doing it before. Shoutout to everyone having fun, because having fun is what matters.

Ophene lived for a thousand years as a mortal because she wanted out. It backfired and I can’t justify playing her as a secret dragon, so I don’t. She’s very clearly a dragon in a wig (hence the blog name). If that makes me a bad roleplayer, I guess I’m a bad roleplayer. But I’m having fun doing it.

RP what you want as long as it’s not hurting anyone. Get ‘em.

Frankly, in a game with such high levels of power available to players (which translates over to RP very frequently, and with increasing intensity every expansion) it seems silly to be restricted from roleplaying a certain race because it’s perceived as too speshul or whatever—you can be a space goat juiced up on Turbo LightTM who is more than ten thousand years old, or an elf taste-testing several different brands of Way Too Powerful JuiceTM who has been alive since the Sundering, and all of that is just…baseline in the lore. RP is about creativity and storytelling, and if you see someone whose idea of a fun story doesn’t match up with yours, then damn. You don’t have to play with them—you don’t even have to stare angrily at them from across the Wyvern’s Tail, you can just stare at Gravy’s juicy butt like the rest of us and get on with your life. /ignore them if you have to! It doesn’t matter! Nothing matters! Life is fleeting, play a dragon! Or a Naga! Or whatever! 

Not gonna lie, unless there’s a VERY SPECIFIC (that you specify) set of circumstances, Tevrugos isn’t gonna deus ex machina your character’s problem for them. He’s a very busy dragon, and he’s got many other things to think about so unless you want it he’s probably gonna have a meal with them, MAYBE give them some advice that might change their perspective on things, and then send them on their way, as he is wont to do.