blond darion this, redhead darion that; long haired darion is the correct answer.

i see alexandros, i saw renault, there’s no way in hell that a son of the most needlessly extra family in azeroth doesn’t have long hair that he would dramatically flip when he takes off his helmet


@knightofacherus​ at work i’ve been thinking about nazgrim braiding darion’s hair before a battle with some excuse like “oh it’s considered to bring you good luck in a fight” and darion’s just sitting there like “i feel like youre bullshitting me” but he also has the worst luck ever so i mean, it couldn’t hurt,

thoras walks in on them and darion just goes “if you say anything about this to whitemane i will kill absolutely everyone in acherus”

the other horsemen sneakily getting darion to do better self care/allow them to perform caring activities with him is such an incredible mood honestly?

nazgrim looked at this anguished immortal teenager and was like ‘hmm, desperately touch starved…definitely requires intricate rituals…’ *proceeds to make something up so darion will sit still and accept the comforting touch of another person for ten minutes*