Warcrafts problem is stupid players not their writers

Ive seen a hundred ppl going “baine and the tauren would never do this”

Are you perhaps forgetting that

-tauren are individuals and not a hive mind

-in the middle of deadly combat is NOT when u comfront your commander

-tauren are often assassins and murderers (see the grim totem clan)

-Magtha grimtotem murdered her warchief in a horrible way to cease power

-the twilights hammer is full of tauren

-the leader of the twilight hammer military was a tauren.

-tauren are depicted as brutal warriors in many instances like dungeon bosses and gladiators

-tauren champions used the blight on alliances forces in stormheim

-no doubt tauren champions who helped the horde campain in forsaken territory and andorhal helped use the valkyr to murder living beings and raise their corpses

-the tauren have no doubt known about the forsaken using the plague and enslaving corpses in Gilneas, and Alterac and havent threatened them or tjreatened to leave the horde over it.

-the tauren did not rebel after garrosh used an arcane weapon to level a city and irradiate nature with arcane magic.

-the yaungol have a fire death cult

-The taunka taught garrosh dark shamanism

-and the blood totem sold out to the burning legion, not to survive but because of racist nationalism

Thats because if YOU ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION youd realize while the tauren revere nature that their culture survived the raveges of nature including brutal quilboar and centaur. That while they are more respectful than the forsaken and less brutal than orcs that even the more rdverant ones understand that survival means one must be brutal. This combines to make them a good natured ppl who will respect peice treaties but once the lines are drawn they will defend their allies. The forsaken as a group are evil and dishonorable and horrible. But they are tribe with tauren. So so long as the forsaken keep it out of tauren lands there is no reason for open hostility. Tauren know that ppl do horrible things to survive, and that most of natures wounds can heal

Instances of Individual Tauren are exceptions to the norm (Instance and dungeon bosses).  Instances of Tauren participating in clandestine and brutal acts are often clans of Non-Playable Tauren (Grimtotem, Taunka, Yaungol)

Not gonna even touch the absurdity that is attributing Characterization to the Faceless Player Character…

The Bloodhoof Tauren-the playable tauren, are the primary source of the player angst in regards to them sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the Horde due to their characterization being Harmonious and spiritual and Nature Reverent.  The fact that they didn’t rebell after Garrosh Nuked Theremoore being used as an example was also a problem at the time it was current.   That they continue to be subserviant to increasingly brutal overseers is a mark of neglect because Blizzard writers don’t write the factions anywhere within the realm of rationality or reality-they’re gaggles of aesthetics and quirks that they pretend to give character every now and then because they lack the competence to do otherwise.

Throw in the fact that Tauren are the only race the Horde can use for Pity-Farming and you have a recipe for discontent.   The amount of Tauren storylines that are not dogged by Villages being destroyed or Chieftains dying are scarce.

Tauren are not a Hivemind. But they have a very solid and identifiable Culturally held values and beliefs that, when dealing with Joe the Tauren you can make a reasonable assumption.  Often times because Tauren lack for named individuals, most of them end up being Joe Tauren. Ergo, Tauren on the wider scale should more or less act in the way we expect-Nature reverent.

The only valid point in this giant deflection is that Mid-Battle is not a time to defy one’s Commander. And I would only go as far to say in this context it would not be wise to defy Sylvanas mid-crisis.

But to say that Players are at fault for not being able to read the script properly?

This is the same studio who told us that they would Make Garrosh Appealing to the Horde players after telling them he was going to be the next Warchief, spent a book charactizing Garrosh as a flawed, complicated Character with Potential, and then turned around and decided he was to be a Villain All Along, first in Mists of Pandaria and then Later in Chronicles where he was retconned further back.

Players are not the Problem. Blizzard’s lack of foresight, lack of planning, and general lack of consistency muddying the waters will always carry the greater fault for player story dissatisfaction.

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