after what feels like forever, i got some concrete design on my demon hunter, Taerus Ravagerun! albeit a little late to the party, i’ve been having a lot of fun with him these last few months of legion.

Taerus has been a long-serving demon hunter Illidari, stoic and professional in nature. It wasn’t until a few centuries ago that, among his many victories against the demon’s he’s come to slay and absorb, that one dreadlord’s soul would cling onto Taerus’ own.

Threatening to destroy the demon hunter and release all the demon’s slain brethren back into the Legion’s infinite rebirth, the dreadlord Zhal’vos is now a permanent resident within the elf’s vessel. When Taerus lets his guard down, Zhal’vos is known to make an appearance through glowing eyes and witty banter. And, to Taerus’ reluctance, the demon also has conscious reign in the mortal plane when in Metamorphosis.

Zhal’vos’ personality can pretty much be summed up to a superwholock’s wet dream, ie smooth villain, Cockney accent, loves tea and crumpets, etc. He’s a fun guy to have around on long flights.

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