Commissions are officially OPEN!

It’s that time again, time for me to draw whatever you want for the right price! My commissions, as always, are on a first come – first serve basis with infinite slots (until I close commissions, so basically I’ll do a cut off when I’ve earned enough for the month.)

All prices you see here are non-negotiable. I apologize to my followers who can’t afford it.

If you wish to commission me, it’ll be through PAYPAL only.

  • Email me at monsieur.moose@yahoo.com with your Commission idea. Once we’ve decided on something, I will invoice you at your paypal account.

If you wish to contact me for any reason regarding your commission, please email me at monsieur.moose@yahoo.com. DO NOT message me via tumblr inbox, it will be ignored.

you want to support me but can’t afford my prices, I would really
appreciate a signal boost!

Bonus: If you are a supporter on my Patreon you’ll get a 20% discount off of all commissions as well as get a priority slot so you get your commission first!!

Thank you all for being so wonderful, and I
look forward to working with you!