My schedule has cleared up and I’m in need of some cash-a-roni and cheese. Line up for the freshest of my 2016 art! I’m determined to improve my skill and speed and further this new thick-lines style of mine, so to build up a new body of works I’m out advertising commissions again!

The Deets:

The art is going to have the fat outline as in the Samus pic above, unless you specifically request otherwise. All works must be paid in advance, and I will not begin work until payment has been received. I work on one piece at a time, first come first serve. I guarantee I will deliver your piece within two weeks of beginning work or I will upgrade to the next complexity for free. I always share a progress sketch and ask that you sign off to be sure you’re getting a piece you approve of (time waiting for your reply does not factor into two-week delivery time.) I reserve the right to refuse a work based on subject matter and to increase the price based on complexity. Additional figures $5 off for waist-up and full-body. Color work is unshaded. $5 off for colorless. Payment may be refunded in full at any time before work begins; after work begins, no refunds will be given unless I cancel my services to you for any reason.

EMAIL ME at [talandlhoff @] to get the ball rolling. Tumblr messages aren’t very reliable, but you can use them to keep in touch after business begins!

Slots (updated as offers arrive) –

1.) Taken

2.) Taken

3.) Open

4.) Open

5.) Open

2015 Art Examples:

[Troll] [Worgen/Furry] [Pandaren/Furry] [Armor+Male (Vague gore)] [Armor+Female]