Hi!  Commissions are open again!  I am taking a limited number of slots this month, so please contact me at if you’re interested! (Please no tumblr messages! I lose them 75% of the time)

As usual, all details can be found HERE.

More examples of my work can be seen here


All Fall / Halloween (Hallow’s End / All Saints Wake, etc!) themed pieces!
$3 off toned (B&W) Sketches and $5 off Colored Sketches & Digital paintings.

Show me those cozy sweaters, kitschy costumes, apple-cinnamon, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

Please note, this is the last month my work will be available at these prices / categories. (I’ll be shifting a few things around for Holiday Commissions and going into 2016.)

Thanks so much for your continued support! <3 you guys!