who wants to buy this book I will never get around to writing

Chapter 1: Haha Just Kidding, ADD Was Made Up By Pfizer. Anyway Unrelated I Am Uniquely Bad At Being Alive and No One Can Figure Out Why

Chapter 2: Where Did I Put That? Nope, It’s Gone

Chapter 3: Why Being Bored Is Literally The Same As Dying

Chapter 4: ADD And Your Love Life: Why Bother?

Chapter 5: A Short Story I Drew About A Little Rabbit Named Herbert Who Goes On Adventures

Chapter 6: I Don’t Have Time To Not Be Photoshopping

Chapter 7: You Interrupted Me in the Middle of Tetris And Other Reasons I’ll Be Making Your Life A Sulky Hell All Day 

Chapter 8: Where Can A Grown-Up Go to Scream? (Nowhere.)

Chapter 9: You Just Told Me Huge News About Your Life, but I Don’t Know What It Was Because There’s a TV in the Corner of This Bar

Chapter 10: I Would Love to Tell You Why I Am Crying, but I Already Forgot. It’s Just Happening Now

Chapter 11: Bankruptcy

Chapter 12: I Have Walked into This Room Five Times and Neglected to Address The Reason I Originally Did So Each Time

Chapter 13: Public Embarrassment: Is it Real?

Chapter 14: All the Facts I Learned When I Read Wikipedia for Five Hours Yesterday