FANFIC CLICHES I AM TIRED OF “im not a p– porcelain doll im not gonna break” yeah buddy but your ass is. even if you use lots of lube a True Full Throttle Anal Pounding will wreck just about anyone. thats why they always tell you go slow. but this is fanfiction so i know youre not using lots of lube (aka, lol). youre using unscented lotion that you had in your room. and youre a virgin, and you thought you were straight till like 10 minutes ago, and youve never had anything in your butt before. you wanna know whats gonna happen if seme-chan goes harder, wise guy? youre gonna be bleedin. youre gonna be cryin. hes gonna freak out. try to stop. you didnt use lube so now hes stuck. he panics. knocks over a lamp. broken glass on the floor. he cuts his foot on the shards. now hes bleedin too. hes cryin. youre prolapsin. the ambulance is 50 miles away