-The following is an excerpt from a letter that never made it home from Northrend.-

Leryssa, I know you probably don’t care to hear about it again, but seeing our prince in combat reminded me of some of the great heroes our father fought with. I imagine this is what he must have felt like under the command of Supreme commander Anduin Lothar. I imagine this snowy tundra is a bit like when he marched with our father to liberate Khaz Modan. Even Master Muradin is with us, much like he was with Anduin Lothar then, but this time we fight a more sinister threat than the Horde.

When I get home, I’ll tell you more about him, about how he fought valiantly at Blackrock Mountain, far to the south of home. I can only hope that, when he does reign, Prince Arthas reigns for as many years.

Tell mother not to worry about me too much. We’ll defeat the source of these abominations and return home soon.

Love always,

Submitted to the Seat of Knowledge (WoW fanfic forum) for the Hero Report challenge.