remember back when memes weren’t even called memes. like before youtube, before know your meme, back when all there was were flash movies on albino sheep and newgrounds and colin mochrie was in all of them.

there are memes that are older than people currently using the internet. there are old memes being referenced as new memes. i quoted all your base are belong to us all the time in 5th grade and that was before some of my friends were born.

this is such a bizarre thing to think about. i remember being in middle school and watching all this stupid shit with my friends, and they weren’t memes back then, they were just flash videos. badger badger mushroom mushroom, they’re taking the hobbits to isengard, all your base are belong to us, weebl’s stuff.

i was there for the first memes and that is a very strange thing to think about.