Okay wow, so I got here a little quicker than I expected (no really, I had actual plans laid out for this!) and I have a couple of art thingies to finish up (A Dragon Age wallpaper for some friends and that pesky comic page which at this stage I’m close to just throwing out of the window and crying about into some chocolate ice cream) but I am going to be holding a follower give away prize thingy with stuffs, so just lemme get those things out of the way with and you’ll then have the chance to win items and stuffs.

…PS have an artwork I sketched in ten minutes or so (as so many of you seem to love my super dysfunctional DK Lorien and her insane but loving family)


Caellis: Aunt Lorien!
Lorien: …. *blushing, hugs*

Verimar: Woah there Trevaine, hands to yourself.
Trevaine: I haven’t done anything to Lori yet!?
Verimar: Yet… your sister complex is creepy as hell!