This is the new HotT sign up sheet. 

NOTE: I am serious when I say this YOU MUST BE READY TO GO, GEMMED, ENCHANTED AND GEARED BY THE 4TH. I’ll be running a gear check on the 4th. Your gear doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to keep up with the rest of the group. If you cannot do this, do not sign up. 

Requirements – 

1. Gear can be up to 226, weapons up to 232.

2. Know how the Algalon fight goes

3. Make sure you have your gear

4. Confirm your spot in raid by the 3rd


1. Barkentin (Tank, Blood DK)

2. Varaelian (Druid, Heals)

3. Jabberjack ( Ret Paladin)

4. Isyris (Disc Priest)

5. Shutframe (Disc priest)’

6. Stagrunner (Burr tank)

7. Dante, (WW, Monk)

8. (Ranged)

9. (Ranged) 

10. Dannie (Frost DK, Melee)