Seeing as this is a big deal to a lot of people, I am sitting here thinking of how characters would interact with this. What would your characters stances be in this? 

Would they take the side of Hellscream and fight for his Horde? Would they be forced into his duty and remain loyal? Or would they be willing to remain?

Would they take the side of the Revolutionaries and fight for their Horde? Would it be of their own will or would it be the will of a collective around them?

Tevruden has very little skin in this game. Darkspear or Kor’kron could occupy Orgrimmar and it doesn’t affect him. Heck, even the Alliance could and he wouldn’t care, the Quel’dorei and humans were on good terms when he died.

Tev will probably side with whoever the rest of the Sin’dorei just because of the relative ease of the Sunreaver campaign (which is probably the rebellion.)