I’d just like to point out how positively angry it makes me when people roleplay their worgen as being “feral.” Be it worgen with either “super feral traits!” or people who actually roleplay their worgen as being feral (lol), it’s still equally retarded.

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There’s also the Worgen Death Knights, who have a bit of different lore.

They’re escaped Arugal-Worgen. So technically feral.
However, it’s possible that when they were raised by Arthas, they got humanity back?
(They’re somehow able to go from worgen->human without the night elf ritual)
And no, you can’t go claiming you’re a different pack of Worgen death knight.
They’re only Arugal ones from Silverpine/Shadowfang. And they probably made the Knights of the Ebon Blade their new pack in undeath.

Worgen DKs just don’t make lore sense, really. When you do the quest where you kill someone you know from your past life, the entire thing is like, “REMEMBER YOUR HOME, REMEMBER GILNEAS!” when it makes no sense for you to be a Gilnean. They use the Gilnean voice sets in and out of worgen form with DK distortion. The game tries to portray them as Gileans like the rest of the sane worgen, but there’s no good explanation as to how the hell they’re Gilnean but also death knights.

They’re lore abominations, really. I’ve only met one person who played one well.

If you assume that Pyrewood village and the area around Shadowfang keep was a part of Gilneas before the Greymane Wall was erected it makes sense. Especially since all this worgen business with Arugal happened during the Third War.