I know lots of everyone I know right now still enjoy WoW. But I gotta say I’m really glad I’m over that game because nothing besides the new troll models and the mounts is appealing to me that I’ve seen of the upcoming patch. The tier is ugly, the female mogu are gross, the lore behind the raid sounds stupid, etc.

The troll models are cool, I think they’re spifftastic. But are they going to be playable models? They’ve been promising player-character model updates for ages and ages and all I’ve seen is NPC model updates. So while I enjoy the models as I’ve seen them I’m still not that thrilled because they’re probably just NPC models and we can only stare and wish they were playable. Sadness. 

I mean, enjoy your game. I’ll enjoy mine. Everyone is happy! I’ll still look forward to the day when more people migrate to GW2 permanently. 😛 

To be fair, the character model updates have been a WIP since MoP was announced. They have to redesign 16 models and create a new animation set for each of them. There are over one hundred animations for each of those models, so that’s over a thousand animations to create. On top of all that, they have to figure out how gear is going to sit on these new models as well. There’s a lot of work that goes into making just one new model and they have sixteen to make. And considering model updates aren’t content like, say, a raid, they’re inevitably going to fall lower on the priority list than content does.

You also have to remember that the player models and animations are the ones that get seen several orders of magnitude more than anything else in the game so anything that doesn’t look right is going to be noticed fairly quickly, especially since we’ve been staring at the old animations for 8 years now.