Because of autistic sensory reasons I kinda hate wearing clothes. The thing is, I also hate being naked!

I need a third option.

I should be able to go to work as a cartoon animal. Like, of course I don’t have clothes on. I’m a fox!

Am I nude? Technically. But I’m not naked, either.

I wonder how were gonna have to rewrite indecent exposure laws and dress codes once people can be wolfgirls covered head to toe in thick fur.

Like, you really expect them to wear pants or a dress? In this climate?! And why? It’s not like they’ve got bits all hanging out!

Mind you, there’s plenty of animals that exist in and around human society that don’t have that excuse. Many breeds of dogs, horses, etc.

If you put a human intelligence into a horse body, not some anthro bipedal thing, it’s just a horse in every way except it’s a full on Person, do they suddenly have to wear pants? (don’t ask HOW they wear pants, we covered this).

How and where (or wear?) do you draw the line?

Like in a furry world with mixed humans/furry anthros you might just handwave it as “oh they have a different/less/no nudity taboo” but that’s assuming your society has already accepted furry anthros, or always had them.

What about a society in transition? Like, say tomorrow there’s a breakthrough with stem cells and crispr and RNA retroviruses and now people can turn into anthro furries.

Now society needs to come to terms not only with the fact that that’s a thing now and it needs to just be allowed and respected, and you can’t fire someone from Subway just because they’re now a Lizard-man, you also have to deal with the side-effects on acceptable clothing and nudity.

Because humans may have evolved over the last 200,000 years to wear clothes by default, but that’s not the case for wolves and horses and cats and so on. And just making them sapient and bipedal isn’t really gonna change that.

There’s gonna be court cases in this. The Supreme Court will probably get involved. And I’ll have to scan their fucking microfiche, still wearing pants because FUCK THE SYSTEM AHHH