HEY! Why cant I be a WARRIOR THAT CASTS SPELLS? I dont want to be a PALaDIN, cause I’m atheist. You cant be an atheist PALaDIN. Its like saying you taste like cinnamon, but you ACTUALLY taste like Nutella. How does that work? IT DOESNT. I don’t want to be a DEATH knight, cause they are pretty DUMb. Don’t ask me why. You know why. You know what you did, DEATH knights. Way to be DUMb. SHAMAN?! I wasnt raised in a BArn.

So anyway, I like the fact that WARRIORS USE SWORDS. I also like SPELLS. WHY cant I put THE TWO THINGS Together? SWING MY SWORD, cast fyreball, SWING IT AGAIN NOOB, then bliNk, charge, blink again. Where am I? You don’t know. I just blink-charged into a blink. Who was that? You dont know. IM A WARRIOR THAT CASTS SPELLS. FYREBALL! Then I swing my SWOOORD. Now that is how you play.

So listen, if you are like me, and want to be a WARRIOR THAT CASTS SPELLS, just let me know. Ill SEE what I can work out. The only requirement to be a WARRIOR THAT CASTS SPELLS, is you cant have a beard. They interFERE WITH SPELLs.

Sometimes Im just playing, and my cat jumps onto my keyboard. How did it do that? IT KNOWS SPELLS. I want to KNOW THOSE SPELLS on my WARRIOR. Blizzard, PLease makE my warrior so that IT CAN CAST THOSE SPELLS.