Select a creature of the night to befriend and/or fall in love with you and turn you into one of their own kind.

Firey demon in black armor trying to come to terms with their loss of humanity

Unsettling creature formed from mixing faerie and human blood

Skittish psychic humanoid with a mouth like a jawless fish

Antlered paladin of a forgotten god bound to arcane armor

Asexual incubus looking for someone who understands him

Somber genderless vampire who sings songs from a forgotten age

An actual clown (not just someone whose dressing as one)

Deal making entity with red eyes and a black suit (the suit doesn’t come off)

Shape-shifting reptilian, part of a secret society trying to destroy capitalism

Undead creature that’s replaced its flesh with plastic, metal and cloth

Werewolf who copes with their transformations through art

Spirit of machines and wires and computer parts

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Reblog to get the creature to come to you. Like to give them a little gift of some sort.

I won’t lie, the deep longing and hunger I felt reading through the options here had me had me so wistful I was reeling. So many of these I’d be over the moon getting to meet and make friends or fall in love with and eventually become alongside them….. just, hot damn. I’ll be thinking about this for a while.

Conclusion: yes, this is TF.