A character design sheet. The character appears to be half tiefling, half dragonborn, with long hair, black skin and golden scales. They wield black, wicked looking daggers and are wearing a dark blue padded gambeson and leather bracers and boots.ALT
A character design sheet. The character is a male human, with brown skin and dark hair. He has a short, neatly trimmed beard and a scar that runs from his left eyebrow to the corner of his jaw. He is wearing plate armor and a worn-looking red cloak, and is wielding a two-handed sword with an elaborate hilt.ALT
A character design sheet. The character is a half-spider woman with a humanoid torso, and the lower body of a spider. She has long hair that is bound back in a thick braid, and four additional eyes on her forehead. She is finely armored, and cracks of gold line most of her body where it is exposed. She wields a large greatsword with an extended handle, its blade covered in glowing runes.ALT
A creature design sheet. The creature is a massive, toad-like being with a mantle of what appears to be its own rotting flesh. It has two bone-armored faces - one on its front, and another on its back where the mandible sits upside down and is mounted like a turtle's shell. The front face is mostly obscured, and one of the images on the sheet shows the mouth opening to extend a tongue that is shaped like a humanoid male with long golden hair. The back face is shown to open into a large maw full of teeth, with a massive tongue tipped in a hand-like grasping set of claws.ALT

Some recently finished character/creature design commissions!