MUTUALS POTLUCK! what are you bringing?

a staple food (rice, beans, corn, potatoes, etc)

a salad of some sort

baked goods; bread, cake, muffins, pastry, cookies

a roast of some kind; meat, vegetables, all good

fried or grilled food (stirfry, barbecue, grilled cheese, all that good shit)

big ol’ pot of something: soups and stews, curries, slow cooked food, boiled

a food that you can eat cold (sandwich, sushi, raw fruit & veg)

snacks; chips, vegetables/crackers and dip, charcuterie

desserts and sweets (candy, ice cream, chocolates)

non alcoholic drink of some sort (punch, juice, cola, etc)

booze of your choice

i’m here to freeload

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storebought is fine if you want, but you are encouraged to make something yourself! share what you’re bringing in the tags :3