I am mad about cellphone cameras hiding the processing they do, and I am glad about software that lets me control it and opt in and out, and I dictated this rant on insta so I am resharing the images here and will attempt to turn this into a useful text post on my blog in future, when my hand is working better 🤘👍

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Here’s the website for the app I’m getting so much good use out of:

And here’s a big dump of photos from it!

and here’s an example of exactly how much this means to me – I’ve been really feeling like I’m terrible at photographing my own work, especially watercolour, and i can’t seem to really capture what makes a painting special in person.

here’s some examples of my attempts to photograph this sketchbook painting using the native camera app on my phone:

it’s grainy, blotchy, the colours feel off, the contrast is too much… it really doesn’t capture what’s on paper in front of me!

so then i try with the processing turned off in Open Camera:

it’s fucking night and day!

A clearer comparison for you:

jesus fucking christ what a game changer!