its beyond fucking sad like. tumblr as a site. as a function. is great. it arguably still holds a pre-internet 3.0 concept up and keeps it alive (blogs as a community tool). It functions completely uniquely from other social media. parts that haven’t been eroded away by idiot companies playing hot potato are still great (i can still look through all of my posts with my archive tool, or make a new blog theme entirely).

All that had to be done was Not Dip Their Toes into the Transphobic Pool. Which isn’t a hard request. It’s literally just “respect the people that want to be trans and be happy and tell people that are slinging harassment at them to Fuck off”.

Sure, they also need to not let the site erode more and more into this ugly little amalgam of a barely functioning ad-ridden Twitter wannabe that requires at least 2 different mobile add-ons to even function properly. But like. I’d happily support them monetarily if they weren’t the most cartoonishly Scummy site.

Like I’m still on twitter and it’s a cesspool. But there at least it’s funny that “Cis” is considered a word that Musk wants censored for “Spreading hate speech”.

Here I have to confront the fact, every few days, that whoever moderates the site will happily either Delete Trans/POC blogs without hesitation, or, if we wanna be generous, nobody moderating the site Gives a Shit and just lets Transphobe/racist hategroups run rampant on the report system.

And don’t fucking forget what happened to Avery/Rita! I don’t want to spread word about her without her approval, but I will say, people have no fucking clue how bad things got for her after what happened, and the fact that she’s put up such a strong face when she was literally in the “Public’s” Eye as a Trans Woman the CEO of a website stalked and harassed even after he personally demanded all of her blogs be Permanently erased, is beyond the pale of what should be asked for her, or any trans or poc person.

I don’t know why i’m “lucky” enough that, even though i have a respectable amount of followers, i rarely have to deal with “issues” or hate. maybe it’s because i grew up on forums, and have learned that the best way top deal with Shitheads is to just block them ASAP. but i’ve been on this site since 2011, and it’s the reason i have my girlfriend, and all my current friends that i want to meet one day. And the fact that it’s eroding in probably the worst way possible, for such an easily fixable and specifically targeted reason, drives me insane.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Staff literally just has to Actually Give a Shit about its Trans and POC bloggers! We like it here even though people make it hard to!