Interesting wood burning technique

This looks cool but this technique is extraordinarily dangerous and people have literally died trying it

For more info, check out the very informative Ann Reardon video:

For those of you without 15 minutes to watch the video:

The way it works is using a microwave transformer, which transforms the normal current from your wall (120v to 200v) into 2000v. Two thousand Volts. That’s over 10x what’s needed to stop your heart.

That’s enough electricity to melt electrical safety gloves to your hands. Experienced electricians have died trying this.

As an added layer of dead-causing danger, because of the way the transformer works, that safety switch in most houses that turns off the power if someone is being electrocuted doesn’t work. The coils in the transformer don’t actually touch.

Do not do this.


But the advice that 120 to 200 volts is minimum amount needed to stop your heart can ACTUALLY kill you too.

The current you will kill you LONG before the voltage does.

You can kill someone with far less than 120v, as long as there is enough current (50-150 milliamps.)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t fool with anything over 48 volts.

(And just don’t fool with electicity when your skin is wet at all.)