still reading frankenstein and i completely forgot that theres a part where victors wrapping up doing devious deeds on a sparsely inhabited island off the shore of england and he loads all his mad scientist shit into a rowboat and pushes off into the water and then fucking falls asleep with no navigational tools and when he wakes up hes like, adrift with no land in sight and hes like ‘FUCK my creation!!!!!’ even though the monster had absolutely nothing to do with getting him lost in the middle of the fucking english channel and he starts lamenting about how hes going to die and his family is never going to see him again and hes going to go to davey jones locker or whatever because hes been without potable water in a rowboat for like 4 hours and then he sees land and hes like ‘oh thank god im saved!!!’ and he gets to shore and is met with an angry mob who thinks he murdered someone and hes like ‘but where is english hospitality?????’ and theyre like ‘this is ireland you dumb slut’ and as theyre marching him to the magistrate hes like ‘i was still thirsty but did not want to show my weakness……’ like could you even imagine

Frankenstein is an unflinchingly realistic portrayal of the highly specialized form of stupid that comes from being told for your entire childhood that you’re a world-changing genius who can solve every problem because you’re so smart, but now you’re in college and you have depression and you keep fucking everything up because being good at reading science books when you were 12 doesn’t actually translate into making smart life choices and you’re constantly beating yourself up about your horrible failures but you couldn’t possibly ask anyone for help, and in fact the idea doesn’t even cross your mind because obviously you will be able to handle it this time because you’re a world-changing genius who
can solve every problem, and consequently you keep right on catastrophically fucking everything up, and I don’t think it gets enough credit for that.

Byron: Where did you find the inspiration to create such a wretched man?

Mary, who has been stuck in a house with him for weeks: No idea, mate 😑