Snake Steeeveee~~~!

 I guess this is just an AU of Stranger Things were Steve gets turned into a naga for some dumb, bizarre reason. Maybe because of the Russia stuff in season 3? Anyway Steve has to hide out in Hopper’s cabin with El. Spending most of his day laying in the sun, watching TV, and playing board games with El. They also start collecting comic books, Steve liking Iron Man and Batman, while El likes Superman and the X-men.

-The other kids come over every weekend and sleep over. Getting Steve, Max, and El, into a new D&D campaign. Steve only agrees because he’s bored out of his skull but also because Dustin gave him the biggest puppy eyes dog he had ever seen, which he won’t EVER tell the kid because that little shit already has him wrapped around his finger enough, thank you very much.

It’s funny cause Steve can’t roleplay for shit and the kids love getting him riled up whenever he has to roll the dice, but Steve finds that he’s actually enjoys the game, mostly because it makes the kids so damn happy.

-Steve conserves most of his energy, so he doesn’t have to eat that much. When he does move it bit sluggish. However if he gets into a fight he’s ridiculous quick, using all the energy he’s conserved to deliver a prefect deadly strike. His venom is especially potent to Demogorgon’s, killing them within minutes of a bite. It’s thankfully useless on human’s.

As for the plush snake, Dustin and Max found two of them when they went out shopping for an emergency. After an awkward moment of silence Dustin says “It kinda looks like Steve.” and Max after a beat replies, “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” Both making a silent pact of shared embarrassment as they both buy a plush and name it Steve.