meme of a reddit wojack pointing and a frazzled wojack with bread, saying "omg somebody call security that homeless man is stealing bread" and three gigachads respond "huh? no he's not" "i don't see anything" and "imma keep it real with you bud, idk what you're talking about"ALT

working at a grocery store this is something i was so worried would happen, i cant stop someone from trying to feed themselves.

but it literally hasn’t happened. people steal fried chicken and pack steaks into a duffel bag. or they have me write on cakes for their coworkers birthday and run out the door with it. they eat chicken and dump the bones on a shelf they pay for the rest of their “groceries”.

i’ve never once seen anyone steal bread, or fruit, or vegetables, or cold chicken


We have free purified water but no they steal soda

so you’re saying it people are trying to feed themselves

How dare poor people eat things they enjoy rather than bland staples, the only thing they deserve

A little disappointed that this didn’t become a site-wide week-long discourse topic/meme fodder because it’s a discussion we’re way overdue to have

Like, let’s set aside the practical concerns, like how “unhealthy” food has more calories while taking up less bag space, people can’t survive on nothing but bread and water, many poor communities are food deserts where fresh food isn’t even available to steal, and many people (including the explicitly unhoused man in the meme) don’t have a way to prepare frozen chicken. Let’s set all that aside, because poor people aren’t required to justify every single action to you specifically

Instead let’s talk about the sheer undisguised hatred of the poor on display here. “The fried food at the grocery store is for me, because I’m a good special boy with money, if the filthy poors want to steal they can steal the dried gruel powder because that’s all they’re good enough for. Or they can have meat, I suppose, but only if it’s frozen meat that they’ll have to go heat up themselves to prove to me that they’ve earned it. And make sure they grab some raw vegetables that they’ll have to chop and cook themselves too, that’ll be a good use of their bountiful time and energy. If they wanted not to be miserable, they should have tried not being poor, like me!”

There is literally no justification for this shit. If you believe that stealing bread from a chain grocery store is a justified act that hurts no one, why the fuck would you feel different about steak? Why are you even thinking about this shit? Why are you sitting around fuming at the thought of poor people having anything that makes life worth living? What does it fucking matter to you?

How can you be heartless enough to look at a society where people have to steal in order to feed themselves and their families, and your biggest concern is about policing what they steal?