Gilded Monarch


21hrs 48mins

[Image ID: Facing left, a turquoise, navy, and gold-accented sea dragon with two arms and a mermaid-style tail in front of a basic oceanic backdrop. It is posed not dissimilar to a seahorse; upright with its tail beneath it. Its head features feathery axolotl-gill-style appendages, cream in colour with a metallic gold base; there are three such appendages on either side of its head. Its eyes and eyebrows are rimmed in a metallic gold colour. Along its head and rest of its body, the edges of the scales lining its back and forehead are rimmed in a metallic gold (though not the scales along its sides nor underbelly, which is smooth and a lighter turquoise colour. It has a large, wavy crest from its forehead down the the middle of its tail; it gets gradually larger down its neck before becoming smaller at the base of the neck, then grows in size again down the body with its greatest extent midway down its back. The crest is navy with a gilded gold outermost edge, patterned with intermittent gilded ‘rays’ extending from the body the crest’s edge, each ray differing in length. The dragon has a pair of cream/white fins flaring out behind each arm with smaller decorative metallic gold fins at their bases. It has a secondary, large set of fins around their hips styled similarly to its crest, with a smaller set of cream/white decorative fins and two golden scales at their base. Its large tailfin resembling a fan is again styled the same as its crest, albeit with white at its base. End Description]