The funny thing about the like, casual cultural impact of Animorphs, is that to people who did not read Animorphs, understandably the defining spec fic element of Animorphs is that kids turn into animals, whereas to people who did read Animorphs (and remember them at all) the defining spec fic element of Animorphs is the body stealing imperialist aliens who live inside your brain and take over your life and generate endless psychological horror, which means that on a regular basis I encounter a sci fi work that involves body stealing psychological horror and say “oh just like Animorphs” and someone says “what? those books where they turn into animals? How?”

#oh god yea i hadnt thought abt that normal people dont know about the jerks #or wait no theyre called yeerks in english #that word looks so weird to me but ig the norwegian name is already a word so

im sorry im sorry, are you telling me that in the norwegian translation they are called the