me as a writer: Oh no I can’t write that, somebody else already has

me as a reader: hell yes give me all the fics about this one scenario. The more the merrier

This one is so hard to accept. Reblogging to knock that into my brain.

Me as a writer: I feel like I’m repeating myself, I’ve already used that theme, I’ve already written that kink, that other character uses that speech pattern so this one in another fandom can’t, I feel like I’m writing predictable things,
is this different enough from that other thing I wrote,

are people filling out bingo cards by my work? :sobbing:

Me as a reader: oh hell yeah this hit the spot exactly, I hope this writer has written 20 more just like it

As one friend said when I felt I was reusing a theme too much, nobody ever says, Did Agatha Christie write about murder again?

I actually laughed out loud at the last one. A very good point.

“I love this, I hope there isn’t anything else out there like it!” Said no one ever