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Ignore the outfit Anduin is wearing. I was trying to design a new outfit for him after his Arthas/Jailer phase but I don’t like it.  

(・― ・)

Anyways, I like the idea that after becoming a shadow monster and beating up the Jailer and Sylvanus, Anduin tries to brush the whole series of traumatic events off and that it doesn’t bother him (it does). Pretending he can’t hear the shadows whisper dark secrets to him, or that he’s not this close to losing his shit if the Alliance and Horde can’t get their shit together.

He also feeling guilty as hell for liking the new powers he has. He knows he supposed to be the holy priest, the boy bathed in light, but the shadows allow him to vent his repressed frustrations in ways the light never could.

Anduin knows he sliding down a dangerous slope, but after everything thats happened to him, he’s not sure if he can get himself to stop.

can you talk about being intersex and cis? how do you know if you’re cis or trans when you’re intersex? i promise this isn’t meant to be rude i’m just a little confused as to how gender works when you’re intersex. thank you so much. <3



I’m cis because I’m afab and still identify as a woman. If I was afab and identified any other way, I’d be trans. I’m intersex because my body itself has a mixed bag of secondary sex characteristics and hormones.

The label “intersex” itself isn’t a gender identity as much as it’s a way for people with mixed or ambiguous sex characteristics to define that experience. There are cis men and women who are intersex, trans people of every kind as well. I’m sure there are intersex people who just identify as intersex entirely but most intersex people I’ve met still identify as male, female, or nonbinary. Because your body doesn’t determine your gender identity.

Also, the opposite of intersex is perisex. You can be cis or trans, while being intersex or perisex. If you’re not intersex, you are perisex.

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Nobody knows anything about intersex ppl so like. Learn things and educate others so people like me can feel less isolated and alienated by other queer ppl lol


Got this commission of Tevruden from @NoteszB and they ABSOLUTELY NAILED him.

The eyes, the tendrils, the face is just 👌

(my fav thing is the fangs)

Got this commission of Tevruden from @NoteszB and they ABSOLUTELY NAILED him.

The eyes, the tendrils, the face is just 👌

(my fav thing is the fangs)


a wee doodle of my nightborne




Sesame Street: Respect is Coming

#sesame street as kind old gods that invade other universes and Insist Kindness and Learning

#theyre too powerful to be killed or fought and if you hold a weapon it just turns harmless #and they just calmly say ‘well that’s mean dont talk like that’ if you say anything mean

#what im saying is #this story is better than anything ever


Your periodic reminder that Big Bird is an expression of the Eternal fucking Champion.