Month: March 2021


Sketch commission for athamebluefox on Twitter! :>


I don’t think I have the heart to finish this whole thing but these tags are killing me


gold soles

( ft. Ehko’a ! )


Friend Asterius for Minotaur March~


You wake up in the middle of the night when you hear loud clacking sound, as if chains hit a stone. Few seconds passes until you realize that this sound is nothing but your magical trap you set upstairs, finally caught some prey.

As you arrive, you see an elf, almost indistinguishable in darkness. His coal-black coat leaves no doubt about purpose of his presence. His golden eyes glimmer from under the hood, waiting for your judgement. 

 What will you do?


have a sketchy THEMATIC piece of my blood knight ithoriel

It took Devos ages to figure out that Uther carried the touch of the Maw, but why didn’t anybody in the Shadowlands bat an eye at death knights, who were far more infused with Maw magic? Alexandros wasn’t the only DK who showed up in the afterlife, and you’d think someone would have been like, “Wait a minute, you reek of the Maw. What’s up with that?”




I had this whole reply written out about how its not really feasible for blizzard narrative wise due to the possible dead-dead death knights to use but then i remembered all the times i sent nazgrim and thassarian to go to the shadowlands to collect souls during the legion class hall campaign so uh yeah i don’t got a fucking clue.

Thassarian, very politely: I need the soul essence of Soulbinder Nyami, and I believe she’d be here.


Denathrius: what the fuck are you

#denathrius; ringing up the jailer: one of your little thots came by
#the jailer: what are you talking about
#denathrius: they had your taint on them
#the jailer: ???
#denathrius: little mortal dude? i think from azeroth
#the jailer: oh. yeah i don’t control those guys anymore
#denathrius; having handed over a bunch of souls to them assuming they were working with the jailer: what.

you can’t just keep that in the tags